Dangerous U.S. Citizenship

Ok,  so my now 78 year old  dad like probably tens of thousands of other
American  men is  victim of the “Filipino Scam” seeking U.S citizenship by luring American men to marry them!

We told him not to marry her, but did he listen? No, no he didn’t.  He was persuaded  secretly to elope by this cultered con artist… and as a result of that impulsive  decision,  he is now literally paying dearly for the biggest mistake of his life.  (You would think he would have learned his lesson after a bitter messy divorce from my  natural mom after 22 years of marriage.) Anyway,  the love letters she wrote him begging my dad to marry her made me want to marry her!  Wow… so seductive, so promising.  I should post them!   He like a  stupid teenage boy in love for the first time.  True to form as some of the women are cultered to do,  we looked up and her son was  here from her country now living at my dad’s home.   Next,  was her mother fresh from the Phillipines now too living at my dad’s home.  The following month or so  her daughter was petitioned  who brought her son as well.  My dad’s home looked like little Manila for real.  They were all there living rent free, eating, buying new cars and obtaining a U.S education!  It’s my dad’s fault he should have never allowed this to happen, but everyone knows he’s a sucker…so nice all of his life, so easy to be taken advantage of.   But wait it gets better…she had the audacity to recruit her husband from Manila.  Yes, I  said it, her husband  who she said she divorced in Manila because he use to beat her!  Now he was here!   Shocking…..she had the nerve to actually bring her suppossed ex-husband to my home posing him as her brother.

Let me get down to the guts of this story,  she divorced my dad.  She and her husband took everything out of my dad’s home while he was out of town.   The California courts gave everything to her.  It’s a crying,  shame.  My dad still works at the age of 78.  He’s old school and believes he would die if he quits.  Joe Paterno even more solidified his worst fear.  Today, she earns more than my dad, and he pays her $900.00 a month spousal support and….. as of today she is still seeking half of his retirement!  What a scam.  Her the biggest,  the  California court system, and my dad’s attorneys who did him more harm than good against a foreigner who obtained her citizenship,  took advantage of my dad and WON!  U.S. Citizenship can sometimes be dangerous!

Easy Breezy Not Yet!

I am so excited this is my first blog.   They said Word Press was as easy as 1, 2, 3…..it’s more like 8, 9, 1o!    I guess its just like getting a new cell phone or a Nikkon.  Easy Breezy….sure….Wish me luck!